October 13, 2008

Happy shiny glossy beads

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More pretties!

I’ve really been working every available second, including sewing the wings onto a dragonfly applique handbag I’m working on during Sunday’s worship.

These two pieces were inspired by commissions that I had to order bits for, so while I’m waiting on my shipment I made things that were like but unlike the requests.  You never know, the buyers may actually like these more than the things they asked for.

Etsy, as usual.


October 10, 2008

beading my fingerprints off

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For some reason the beads on this one remind me of the multi-colored candy canes they would hand out at school, and I had to resist the urge to nom on them.  Nom, nom…  (No, stop it, they are BEADS not CANDY!)

A friend told me she liked browns, reds, blues, purples, and blacks.  I took that as a challenge, and while the bead pallette looked a little confused I think they’ve found a visually pleasing symbiosis.

I just love these beads, love them love them love them.  I want to tuck them into my pillow and sleep on them.  I want to thread them through my hair.  I want to wrap them around my neck and wear them all day long… oh, wait, that’s the point of them.  Cool.  😀

I would never have bought these beads.  But an angel sent them to me (as well as many others in this post) and I owe that angel a very deep debt of gratitude, because I instantly fell in love.  Of course wearing a necklace like this reminds one of teeth, and then one thinks of the power one must feel one has to walk around with teeth on ones chest, and one must conquer the urge to act like a ball-busting dominatrix- so only wear teethy jewelry in appropriate situations.

Apologies for the massively long dry spell.  Money has been tight, and crafting is always one of the first things to get pinched.  But, thanks to the afforementioned angel, you will be subjected to much beadery now.  YAY!

August 18, 2008

Odds and Ends made nice

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A few bracelets made from odds and ends I had sitting in my kit.  I was hosting a yard sale and insanely bored, and for some reason I have a hard time following conversations without having something to do with my hands, so I beaded.  The second one is actually made from beads one of the guys picked out for me.  “They’re my favorite colors to look at he said,” wanting to be clear that they weren’t his favorite to wear.

For sale on Etsy

August 7, 2008

Storyline obsession

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I’ve written three novels.  None published, but I’ve written them.  I’m in the process of working towards finding an agent for my fantasy novel and writing a query letter to start submitting my chic lit-ish novel to Christian publishers.

I’m trying to decide which of the two I’ll publish under a psuedonym, since I’m thinking that the Christian publishers aren’t going to want the fantasy novel (and I’m not particularly fond of the idea of giving it to them, for reasons that I should probably feel guilty about) and there’s no way I’m going to publish a fantasy novel and then submit a modern-day teen pregnancy story to the same publisher.

That’s assuming that both novels ever get published.

All of that now being out in the air, I’m going to talk about the reason I’m really writing this post.  Writing a novel and editing a novel are two very, very different things.  They take different writing muscles to pump out.  They excite different parts of the creative process.  And I don’t like going too long without writing.  Not blog-writing or journal-writing, but good old fashioned creative writing.  I love the process of creating a storyline and holding it in my head and deciding what to put where and how fast to put it all out and who says what and does what and what symbolizes what and what do we learn and when do we learn it and can this story really help people, and change people?  And make the world even a little bit brighter, for as long as it’s in someone’s hand?

I’m obsessed.  Which is why I write.  I write not because I enjoy it (because sometimes it is a burden) or because I’m inspired (because sometimes my muse drugs me and leaves me in the night) but because I have to.  I have to write to breathe, I have to write to live, there is nothing in this world aside from being a mother that has given me more satisfaction or caused me more frustration.

So now I’m plotting out the next storyline I’ll start writing.  Either I’ll do NaNoWriMo again this year, or I’ll just write it when I get the time and stop when it’s done.  I love NaNoWriMo even with the caffiene induced hallucinations and five hours of sleep a night, because it’s always given me a novel.

So, for everyone’s information:  Probable Next Novel will be another fantasy story, sequel to the first, following the collapse of a nation and the people who have to pick up the pieces.  Characters would include:  wet nurse to the former king’s son (the current heir) who is only a toddler but being sought by assassins.  The former king, who has heard rumors of his son’s survival and been trying to find him for years, but is also being hunted by assassins.  A vampire maiden who helped save the world from darkness despite the fact it meant her death, who was brought back to life by a coven of vampires and is now trying to get her freedom, and a bunch of other people.

Including a cat.

Because, come on, vampire maidens who are trying to win back their soul and cats?  And assassins?  And a world on the brink of collapse?  Throw in a crotchety dwarf and it’s an instant classic.  (Note:  No dwarves in my universe.  No hope of a classic.)

August 4, 2008

Pickled Red Beet Eggs

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What it is:  A Mennonite and Amish favorite.

Method:  First you’ll need good red beets in their own juices.  You could use store brand- but that’s not the really good stuff.  The best is to take a quart of sliced red beets and can them in pickling brine (3 cups water, 1 and a half cups vinegar, one quarter cup salt) and cloves with whole cinnamon sticks.  You let those sit on the shelf for a week, and then pour the juice off on to hardboiled and shelled eggs.  Then you soak THOSE for a week in the refrigerator in a sealed container.  (I suggest a metal bowl with lid- beet juices will discolor plastic.)

That gives you the pickled eggs.  And may I just say:  egg salad sandwiches with pickled eggs are rather yummy.  The eggs are also great on salads, or eat them whole.

The ladies in my old home town also made pickled yellow eggs using mustard seed.  I’m trying to locate a recipe for those, as well.

July 30, 2008

things made on vacation

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While out visiting my parents a month back, my mom told me she’d seen a beading kit in Michael’s that caught her eye.  It was full of shell and wooden beads, and the picture on the packaging showed surfer beach jewelry.  My mom told me in a conspiritorial whisper (perhaps afraid of offending the Michael’s staff?) that she thought I could make something “far classier” out of the beads, which were beautiful enough on their own merit.

We picked the beads up, and then stood in the aisle for a minute trying to decide what to do.  Mom couldn’t put her finger on what exactly she was picturing, just that it might be like a necklace I’d made for her before with freshwater pearls and crystal.  “What colors?” I asked her.

“Something like the ocean,” she replied.

We talked for a minute longer about the colors we associated with the ocean, and settled on aquas and purples, which also happen to be mom’s favorite colors.  The purples ended up getting put back, as the selection at Michael’s is extremely limited and it was hard to find colors that played well together.

Of course, after we bought the beads to make Mom’s necklace I had enough left over to play around with a lot more, which meant that the beads that were left were my payment for making her necklace.  It was a fair deal for me, as I ended up making five more.


No pictures of Mom’s necklace- I forgot.  But above are the pictures of the others that came from the same set.  Those and more are on Etsy.

Craft long and prosper!